Attaché – End-of-Year 2012/13 training – June 2013

End-of-Year 2012/13 training – June 2013

This year’s Attache EOY training programme for Accounts and Payroll includes both webinars and seminars in major cities across Australia.

Accounts EOY Processing

• Learn how to manage end-of-financial-year processing

• Process transactions in dual financial years

• See the new tools available for reconciling your accounts throughout the year

• Automate debt collection processes

Payroll EOY Processing

• Reconcile your payroll and produce payment summaries

• Get ready for the 2013/14 payroll year

• Learn about the latest legislative changes

• Prepare for compulsory electronic payments of superannuation starting on 1 July 2014

Seminar bonus session – SuperStream and the New Attaché

The importance of the looming SuperStream changes cannot be overstated. Over the next year almost every Attaché client will need to review how they manage superannuation and cleanse their data so their payments can be managed electronically. Encouraging clients to address this issue early and move to a solution such as ClickSuper will help reduce a potential bottle neck and prevent a lot of unnecessary stress.

We will also discuss the New Attaché to help prepare clients for Attaché BI and start the flight-plan. Entry to this session is free, regardless of whether clients attend the EOY training sessions.

When registering yourself for EOY seminars and webinars, please enter your VIP number.

To find out more about EOY 2012/13 training, visit the website or contact your Attaché Consultant.

Attaché – Preparing for 2012/13 payment summaries

Preparing for 2012/13 payment summaries

Did you know that the ATO allows you to send employee payment summaries electronically? Electronic payment summaries are far more convenient for both you and your staff, and will save you valuable time at year end.

Now is the time to check that you have the correct email address for each of your employees, including those that left your organisation this financial year.
In the Employee Document Delivery Address Manager, choose File | Print to report on the email addresses you’ve set up. Then enter any required changes or additions, and check that the document Type is set to All as this includes payment summaries.

Contact your Attaché consultant or call the Alex Helpline on (02) 9455 1301 for assistance with setting up delivery addresses.