ABM – Bulletin #69 for ABM 8 release

ABM 8 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of ABM 8

ABM 8 has a new look and users will notice a significant change in the screen design, and now has Ribbons on all screens.

The resulting changes allow for quicker processing, whereby all regular actions are just one click away.

Apart from the visual changes there is also a lot of work completed “under the bonnet” giving the basis for further development of mobility and cloud delivery.

The new features in ABM 8 include the following

· Reports:

o New Look: The standard reports have been freshened up with a new look for better use of space. New comparative reports provide more information for monitoring performance.

o Favourite Reports: Frequently run reports can now be made Favourites which can be quickly accessed from the reports list.

o Recently Run Reports: Rerun a report that you have already run without the need to reselect any parameters.

o Switch to Any Ledger: Now you can change the list of reports you are looking at without closing and re-opening the reports list.

o Report Logo: You can now have your own company logo on the standard reports.

· AMS inside ABM: Now manufacturing is inside ABM making it easy to create productions runs.

· Alchemex for ABM: firing up Alchemex from the ABM toolbars making analysis easy.

· User Login associated with windows user: You can now associate your ABM login with your Windows Login reducing the time required to log into ABM.

· Location Details on Products summary screen: The Product Details screen now shows the Quantity on Hand, Free Stock etc, for all locations, as well as the overall status of the product.

· Calculation Formula on Custom fields: You can now add a SQL formula on a custom field on all master tables so that calculations are performed at the database level for custom value presented in ABM and on reports.

· Serial/Lot number default warranty period: You can now set the default Warranty or Use By period for tracked products, which will then be used automatically when bringing the items in stock, reducing the possibility of entering the wrong dates.

· WIP Write Off: Write off WIP on a job with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

· More Information Available: Many existing screens and lists have had additional fields and columns added as a result of user feedback about what they need to see to assist their operations.

· And much, much more… It’s all in the PDF.

All changes in ABM 8 are included in a pdf file which is available at:


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