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We have recognised that some of you do not want to send statements with negative balances out to their customers for a variety of reasons. For those of you in this situation we have introduced an option to ‘ignore negative balances’ in the Debtors’ Statement Run. This should enable you to manage your debtors more efficiently.

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Our ESS module allows leave to be approved by those people authorised to do so. Further, they need to be able to make these decisions with the knowledge of who else is on leave at the same time. This would obviously lead to better management of staffing.

We are constantly striving to improve our software so that it fits what you, the customer, wants. The good news is that we have now made the leave calendar accessible to approvers of leave. Another reason why ESS is a great adjunct to your business!

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Sybiz – World famous at Sybiz

Sybiz Hall of Fame

The Sybiz Hall of Fame is devoted to members of the Sybiz community that have shown outstanding commitment to the Sybiz brand, software or people.

This year at Sybiz’s 40th anniversary dinner, 3 very deserving Sybizians were inducted into the Hall of Fame.

One of the winners, Sybiz Technical Support Team Leader and resident rocker Andrew Nicholson tells his story, and you can read it here.


Release ABM 8.2

Advanced Business Manager 8.2 is now released and available for download. A number of issues have been fixed and these are listed in the spreadsheet available at

Please note that while all of these issues are included in 8.2 many are also available as individual patches for 8.1, allowing sites to receive these fixes without performing a full update.

Upgrading to 8.2 is not necessary for all sites. ABM 9 is just around the corner, however 8.2 has been released to provide improved performance to sites with large lists of accounts, the way structured stock products are ordered, or the ability to print Service Invoices, Credits and Pro-forma Invoices from ABM. The details of these changes are below.

Performance of Large Lists

The amount of time required to display large lists in ABM 8 has been improved by changing the SQL drivers being used and retrieving only a portion of the record set initially before the list is made visible to the user. This results in the list being displayed initially much quicker, but then a small delay if the user searches the list or scrolls down as the remaining records are retrieved.

Due to the requirement to install additional SQL driver files ABM 8.2 will be provided only as a full installer and not as individual exes or as a self-extracting service pack update. It will be necessary to run the installer on every workstation just as if this were a major version release.

Structure Stock Sequence Numbers

Structured stock will now properly retain the sequence of sub-products as defined initially in the sub-product ranges. When setting up a structured stock product the user may select a range of sizes/colours to use and the order that these are displayed in the matrix will be based on the defined order in the selected range(s). Further the user may use drag and drop to change the order of sizes/colours for that product, and this order will be retained and used for that product when entering quantities in the matrix on transaction entry. The sequence will also be written to the transaction records in the database to allow the correct order to be used on printed forms.

Further enhancements to the way sub-product ranges are used in ABM are expected after the release of ABM 9.

Service Forms

Forms can now be printed using ABM’s standard forms system for Service Invoices, Service Credits and Service Pro-forma Invoices. These options are available when setting up documents in the Printer and Forms settings screen, and allows a differently formatted document to be used for these transactions instead of the standard invoice and credit forms. An updated Service application will be required to take advantage of this feature as the transaction engine now flags these transactions with a status of “SERVICE” to identify them as different to standard invoices.

Upcoming Releases

The expected availability for a release candidate for ABM 9 is the middle of May. This will include primarily those wish list items identified as a priority at the Dealer Days and Conference.

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Sybiz – 40 years of history

Countdown to Forty!

This year Sybiz turns 40 years young and as part of our celebrations we’re counting down the last 40 years of history.

Each week we look at the history of Sybiz, how technology has evolved and the headlining stories across the globe. So far we’re 12 years in!

You can access these over on our business blog here.

Sybiz – Will you be fined or fine?

Recorded SuperStream webinar (Australia only)

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the short SuperStream update webinar last week then you can catch up with the recorded session over on our website.

As time is running out before the first deadline (1 July 2015), it’s important that you are on top of these changes. More information is available here.