Future development directions

ABM 9 release

We are finalising the last development tasks and testing in ABM 9 and an advance release version will be available in late June. We need “Advance Release” sites to run this version before the full release and we seek your co-operation in getting as many sites as possible to take up the Advance Release version.

ABM 10

We are now developing the next version, ABM 10, which will include considerable work on the Warehouse module and also the release of functionality to support using ABM on mobile devices.

To support mobile and web applications as a seamless part of ABM solutions we are introducing a REST server (REST is Representational State Transfer is a software architecture style for creating web services) to ABM. The ABM REST server will provide a consistent and fully supported framework for applications wishing to integrate with ABM and in due course will remove the need to directly access the ABM database for transactions and information.

ABM is developing many new apps to make the core functions in ABM available on mobile devices (tablets and phones). We will be communicating details on the availability of the new mobile CRM and sales apps very soon with other core functions will follow.

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