ABM – Bulletin #73

Advance Release ABM 9

We are pleased to announce the Advance Release of ABM 9 which includes a number of new features which are listed below.

Advance release is for Channel Partners only to put on their own systems. We also need sites that will be willing to be Beta sites. It is essential to run this on beta sites before we can release.


Drill down on Batch Number

In previous versions of ABM it was only possible to drill down on the batch from the general ledger account history screen. In ABM 9 this has now been extended so that you can drill down and view the details of every batch from any master account transaction history screen (such as Customer/Supplier/Job/Product history screen). As well as being able to View the batch details you can also print the Transaction Batch details from that view screen without the necessity of to open the reports list.

Print Customer Receipt

We have now introduced the ability to print a customer receipt when entered through Cash Receipts program or QuickSalePos.

Product Bins Available on Single Location Database

A new field has been added in ABM 9 to accommodate the entry of a Bin number for a product where multi-location has not been selected.

Hyperlinks from Order Tracking screen

When you view a transaction and select Track Order there is a hyperlink on the reference numbers so that you can now drill down on order/delivery/invoice by selecting the appropriate document reference.

New Fields in Column Chooser

A number of new fields are now available in the column chooser, and can be added to various appropriate lists. The fields added are:-

› Customer/Supplier Code

› Entered Date and Time

› Accounting Date

› Due Date

› Usual Sales Location

Product Creation Date

When you create a new product in ABM9 it will now display the date that that product was created. This information will be displayed on the main screen of the product and can also be added to the product list from the column chooser.

Account Code and Account Title added by default to Batch Drill down

When you drill down on any batch in ABM, the Account Code and Account Title will now be displayed by default.

Batch Number and Accounting Period in Transaction Lists

When you select any transaction list such as customer transaction history, the Batch Number and Accounting Period will be displayed by default for easier analysis.

Transaction Due Date in Customer Receipt/ Supplier Payment Allocation Screen

When processing a customer receipt or supplier payment the due date of the transaction is displayed.

Preferred Supplier Currency and Cost Available in Column Chooser

The product cost from the preferred supplier together with the currency of that supplier can now be added to the product list from the column chooser. This will show the Quantity 1 Unit Price for the preferred supplier.

User with two companies open can now print from each company

A user with two companies open can now print from the second company without having to close the first company opened.

User in Tools/Options no longer prevent transaction processing

If a user is making changes in tools options this will no longer prevent a user from processing a transaction. ABM will now check for any changes made and amend those changes such as change of reference numbers into consideration when processing transactions.

JIRA Fixes

A number of issues have been fixed and these are listed in the spreadsheet available at


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Sybiz Vision 14.16 is available now

New functionality!

Sybiz Vision 14.16 is now available to our users. In this version we’ve added in more functionality, as well as listened to your feedback, in order to make your life easier!

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You can also take a look at the What’s New section of the Sybiz Vision 14.16 product help file from within the software and our YouTube channel for further information and videos.

IMPORTANT: Sybiz is in the process of upgrading products to 64 bit. As a result of some of the preparation work the ‘web update’ option for Sybiz Vision 14.16 will not run on 64 bit PCs with 64 bit operating systems. If you experience this issue (characterised by the initial installation form disappearing) then contact your authorised business partner for an update.