Sybiz Hints and tips – Vision and Visipay

New Sybiz Vision

We have now introduced a pay and process option in sales invoicing and credits. Sybiz Vision Classic users will be familiar with this function. It allows you to receipt monies at the same time as processing the sales transaction, splitting them up as required between cash, credit cards, cheques and EFTPOS. It is set up in debtor defaults and, once done, the accounts will be presented to you when clicking on pay and process.

For further information or help please contact your Sybiz Associate.

Sybiz Visipay

It might be timely to remind you of the ATO Transfer Prior Year option in Sybiz Visipay. This gives you more flexibility when managing your data. For example, if there is a need to correct a pay made in the 2014\15 financial year after you have rolled into July 2015, you can go to the history of the employee and reverse or correct the pay in the current database. When doing this you will be warned that you will need to do the ATO dump again.

Once you are happy with the new pay information for the employee(s) then go to Utilities\ATO transfer prior year. Processing this will create a new empdupe file for the ATO and will also create a new payment summary that includes the altered pays. The amended payment summary will then be placed in the balances and history of the employee.

If you need more help with this then contact your Sybiz Associate for more information.

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Sybiz Vision – Do you use Job Costing functionality?

You’ll want to see this…

At the end of July we held webinars about the Job Costing and Advanced Job Costing functionality in the new Sybiz Vision.

If you use Job Costing in your business and you missed our webinars, you can still watch the recorded session on our website here.

Sybiz business partners have received a jump in requests to upgrade since our webinars so be sure to give yours a call to book your space now.

Sybiz 2015 General Release

Coming soon to a mailbox near you…

Sybiz 2015 General Release packs are due to go out to our customers during November and inside will be a competition you are going to want to enter!

If your contact details have changed since you last spoke with us, please email us so we can make sure your pack gets to the right place.

Now is also a great time to start discussing the Sybiz 2015 General Release with your business partner and schedule in upgrades ahead of the silly season.

Sybiz Vision 14.50 is available now

Just a few new things…

Sybiz Vision 14.50 has been released and increases the functionality in a number of areas.

Please refer to the What’s New section of the help file or speak to your Sybiz Business Partner about getting your upgrade.
Here’s a selection of items included in 14.50.

– Allow users to block payment of supplier invoices
– Custom fields on projects
– Attachments now visible when using SMTP preview
– Serial/Lot numbers available on more transaction documents
– Improvements to the stocktake process and reports
– Improvements to the suggest order wizard
– Job Budgets (including additional reports)
– Project Financial Position report
– Create a new record from an existing one (customer, supplier, inventory item etc)
– Create a new template from an order
– Editing of budget values on a per general ledger account basis
– The ability to create new purchase orders from a selection of existing orders (eg multiple residual orders from one supplier or re-assign outstanding order items from one supplier to another)
– Location default from customer/supplier and/or transaction header
– Product location wizard
– Order tracking (ie the relationship between orders, deliveries and invoices)
– A reminder of how annoying pop-up messages are with a reminder alert pop-up

and more…

Latest Sybiz Vision videos

See the latest functionality

We’re uploading new videos to our YouTube channel almost every week at the moment showcasing the functionality available in the new Sybiz Vision. Take a look at the latest videos below:

General – Email Templates
General – Analytics
Sales – Pay & Process
Job Costing – Costed Invoices (inc progress claims)
Job Costing – Pre-invoices (inc match costs)
Job Costing – Retentions
Job Costing – Write Offs
Job Costing – Cost Category Mark Up
Cash Book – Bank Deposit Slip
Cash Book – Bank Reconciliation updated

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Sybiz Webinar: Sybiz Vision Job Costing

Your invitation

If you use Job Costing in your business then this webinar is for you. Join us for an overview of the Job Costing and Advanced Job Costing modules in the new Sybiz Vision accounting software.

Suitable for all of our customers around the world, although we suggest our customers in Europe and North America register now and watch the recording later.

Register below for your preferred session:

Tuesday 21 July – 2:00pm AEST
Thursday 23 July – 11:30am AEST

The time zones will automatically update to your local time when you click on the link.

Can’t make it? Register for a session anyway and we’ll send you a link to the recording after the live event has finished.

For assistance registering and attending our webinars, take a look at our webinar help page.

Sybiz Vision 14.16 is available now

New functionality!

Sybiz Vision 14.16 is now available to our users. In this version we’ve added in more functionality, as well as listened to your feedback, in order to make your life easier!

Take a look at what’s included.

You can also take a look at the What’s New section of the Sybiz Vision 14.16 product help file from within the software and our YouTube channel for further information and videos.

IMPORTANT: Sybiz is in the process of upgrading products to 64 bit. As a result of some of the preparation work the ‘web update’ option for Sybiz Vision 14.16 will not run on 64 bit PCs with 64 bit operating systems. If you experience this issue (characterised by the initial installation form disappearing) then contact your authorised business partner for an update.

Sybiz – Hints and tips and video clips

New Sybiz Vision

We have recognised that some of you do not want to send statements with negative balances out to their customers for a variety of reasons. For those of you in this situation we have introduced an option to ‘ignore negative balances’ in the Debtors’ Statement Run. This should enable you to manage your debtors more efficiently.

Sybiz Visipay

Our ESS module allows leave to be approved by those people authorised to do so. Further, they need to be able to make these decisions with the knowledge of who else is on leave at the same time. This would obviously lead to better management of staffing.

We are constantly striving to improve our software so that it fits what you, the customer, wants. The good news is that we have now made the leave calendar accessible to approvers of leave. Another reason why ESS is a great adjunct to your business!

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Sybiz – World famous at Sybiz

Sybiz Hall of Fame

The Sybiz Hall of Fame is devoted to members of the Sybiz community that have shown outstanding commitment to the Sybiz brand, software or people.

This year at Sybiz’s 40th anniversary dinner, 3 very deserving Sybizians were inducted into the Hall of Fame.

One of the winners, Sybiz Technical Support Team Leader and resident rocker Andrew Nicholson tells his story, and you can read it here.