Sybiz Vision 14.50 is available now

Just a few new things…

Sybiz Vision 14.50 has been released and increases the functionality in a number of areas.

Please refer to the What’s New section of the help file or speak to your Sybiz Business Partner about getting your upgrade.
Here’s a selection of items included in 14.50.

– Allow users to block payment of supplier invoices
– Custom fields on projects
– Attachments now visible when using SMTP preview
– Serial/Lot numbers available on more transaction documents
– Improvements to the stocktake process and reports
– Improvements to the suggest order wizard
– Job Budgets (including additional reports)
– Project Financial Position report
– Create a new record from an existing one (customer, supplier, inventory item etc)
– Create a new template from an order
– Editing of budget values on a per general ledger account basis
– The ability to create new purchase orders from a selection of existing orders (eg multiple residual orders from one supplier or re-assign outstanding order items from one supplier to another)
– Location default from customer/supplier and/or transaction header
– Product location wizard
– Order tracking (ie the relationship between orders, deliveries and invoices)
– A reminder of how annoying pop-up messages are with a reminder alert pop-up

and more…